Tips For A Car Sales Professional

5 Effective car sales professional training tips that can make a huge difference

Setup An Appointment

1. Always keep an open mind

Things change fast. Especially in the Auto Industry. You have to be ready in a blink of an eye or you can miss many opportunities. For instance, clients missing appointments, clients being indecisive, helping out in the dealership when needed, lenders changing guidelines and much more.

2. Don’t be a one trick pony

Despite floor traffic, you always want to have multiple avenues from which you can generate business. Although your dealership might be doing TV, Radio, Billboard, Social Media and Digital Marketing, this relies on the Dealership. By finding other ways to generate your own leads, referrals for example, you will be able to generate a steady income stream.

3. Keep your pipeline fresh and organized

Your pipeline is your lifeline. By separate the stages of your prospects, you will be able to successfully manage your book of business.

For example:


Within each of these stages you will have sub stages

Type of vehicle
Potential financing options
Down Payment amount
Credit Score
Family size

4. Referrals are key

Referrals can be a very strong leads. In the previous tip we provided a list of different ways to build referrals. In addition, here are some other suggestions.

Community events
Connecting with Lenders
Happy customers

5. Set you goals and make a plan on how to achieve it
Set a goal you want to achieve and write down a plan that will get you there.

Here is a good way to break down a plan of sales

Number of leads generate
Appointments made
Total sales