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Experience a truly unrivaled auto finance lead program where quality and quantity coincide, where potential customers become profitable sales.

We work closely with your dealership to increase your ROI. Our mission is to increase your number of true applicants as well as maximize conversions from applicants to customer. Our time-tested tools and innovative marketing technologies increase sales up to 200%

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Auto Finance Lead Generation Overview

Throughout the last decade, Apple Auto Leads has strived to be the leader in the auto finance lead community. Generating authentic special finance leads across the United States we have seen all types of consumers with all types of credit. These consumers need a dedicated dealership that can get them in vehicles. We customize numerous subprime lead fulfillment programs for our dealers.

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What We Do For You

Our services are unmatched and unparalleled. By utilizing every facet of Internet marketing, SEO campaigns, Email marketing, Social Media marketing, and PPC Marketing through Google we are capable of producing a higher quality lead. If you are searching for a special finance company who can and will go the extra mile, look no further. Apple Auto Leads is the smart choice.

Meeting your Monthly Sales

We work hard to ensure your team meets or exceeds your monthly sales by using our innovative technologies and procedures. Through our quality leads, we guarantee you quality sales conversions. You can remain assured your company will receive continuous outstanding customer services.

We average 50% Live Transfers

When we have a live applicant on the phone, we will transfer them directly to the dealership. We send each applicant an e-mail & text message so that your contact ratio increases. Our cutting-edge automotive internet marketing program is designed for maximum communication.

Apple Connect Program

Our Apple Connect live transfer service will ensure that more & more individuals drop in to your dealership. During the verification process, we will call the applicant up to five times & determine if the lead needs replacement or not. This is one of the key reasons our dealerships are so successful!

A dedicated Accounts Manager

A dedicated Account Manager is assigned who works closely with you throughout the life span of your tailored auto lead program. They generally oversee customer service as well as quality control. If you have questions, they have the answers.

Auto Finance Lead Generation Key Features

Quality new & used auto leads, tailored lead distribution programs that are specific to your dealership, and dedicated account managers who create a program that drives maximum sales

  • Identifying & replacing bad leads
  • A Conversion rate up to 40%
  • 50% Live transfers
  • Making use of cutting-edge technology
  • Outstanding customer service

Words from our clients !