Get To Know A Little About Us

Apple Auto Leads is a family-owned company based in Long Island, New York.

Established in 2014, Apple Auto Loans started with everyday working people who possessed a unique love for their work along with a strong vision for where they wanted their business to grow. Originally designed to help consumers with bad credit, we expanded our footprint through Digital Marketing and discovered that we had so much more to offer. We now provide all different types of customers a full line of marketing services.

Our Mission

Here at Apple Auto Leads our mission is to offer our dealerships the strongest automotive lead program in the industry.

We work hand-in-hand with dealerships to help increase ROI. Through our verification process and Apple Connect live transfer service, our team ensures more applicants enter your dealership and buy more cars. Our philosophy is to treat our customers as partners, not as just another sale. We use time-tested tools, and our specialized marketing technology, to increase your car sales up to 200 percent. At Apple Auto Leads, we go the extra mile to expand your dealership’s client base. Our goal is to help you meet your monthly sales targets through innovative services, outstanding customer service, quality leads, and our strongest possible commitment. So, if you are looking for a special finance company that will go the extra mile to ensure success, then look no further than Apple Auto Leads!

Our Splendid Team

Bart Salomone


Before creating Apple Auto Loans in 2014, Bart was the founder and owner of Premier Leads, Auto Friend Leads, and Auto Lead Pro. He was the original creator of the “Live Transfer Lead”, which has changed the way leads are verified for the automotive industry. Bart has extensive experience in marketing and sales, which is evidenced in his long career in the industry. He has helped increase sales and implemented innovative marketing techniques throughout his career.

Ron Pagarigan


Ron has been responsible for managing call centers since the age of 23. He has been with Auto Lead Pro since its inception and is highly trained and experienced in training and managing a call center staff. When Ron is not working he likes to cook and spend time with his family including his wife, Mareve, our very own Quality Control Director.

Dee Chakraborty


Dee is responsible for building and overseeing the company’s lead generation division. She has over 14 years of hands-on experience in web development and lead generation. Prior to Apple Auto Loans, Dee served as Project Director for several businesses where she helped grow businesses, utilizing her marketing talents in SEO and SMO.

Michael Francis


Michael has a long history in sales and marketing. With a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, he started his career in sales and went on to own a marketing company before joining the Apple Auto Loans team. Mike is responsible for overseeing and managing the sales team, as well as training and implementation of all sales and marketing initiatives at Apple Auto Loans.

Ryan Corbit


Ryan started his career with Fuel Digital Marketing, where he helped to build operations systems designed to grow and improve the sales, marketing, and customer service departments. Ryan continues to achieve the same success with Auto Lead Pro and Apple Auto Loans. He is a student of technology and excels in using his skills in new and creative ways.

Mareve Pagarigan


Mareve has over 12 years experience as a Quality Control Director. She is responsible for overseeing and filtering all incoming leads, sms text messages, and emails. Her targeted verification system ensures that all leads are the highest quality. When Mareve isn’t working she is a proud wife and mothe

Donna Salomone


Donna has more than 20 years of experience as a financial professional including audit, financial reporting, tax and compliance functions, and decision making within organizations. As a key member of Apple Auto management, she has primary day-to-day responsibility for planning, implementing, managing and controlling all financial-related activities. Donna is also a devoted wife and mother of two children.